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Tree Removal

Removal of dead, hazardous, or simply unwanted trees. We will take on any tree!



It's not all about cutting wood. We also enjoy bringing your landscape to life with professional tree and shrub plantings. 


The removal of dead, diseased or detrimental growth to promote the health and safety of your trees. 

Stump Removal


Stumps are ground to at least 6 inches below surface level. We backfill the hole with fresh soil and haul off the shavings.


The removal of excessive live growth to improve aesthetics or relieve clearance issues. 

Plant Healthcare

Bring your prized tree to the clinic and have his cavities cleaned, branches supported, and ailments treated.



Nutrients in the soil are vital to the long-term health and vitality of your trees. We use only the best organic fertilizers and even offer soil testing to get it just right. 

Light Hanging


We spend a lot of time in trees. So, we figured we might as well offer to hang your Christmas lights or security cameras. 

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